All about Eliza Fletcher’s Husband Richard Fletcher III

Eliza Fletcher was a pre-kindergarten teacher living in Memphis. She came from a very prominent family in the Memphis area, as she was the granddaughter of Joseph ‘Joe’ Orgill III, a well-known philanthropist and business owner who died in 2018. 

She was abducted on 2nd September while she was out for a jog, around the vicinity of the University of Memphis, by a person driving a GMC Terrain who wrestled her into the vehicle and fled the scene. 

Her body was sadly found four days later, on 6th September, after law enforcement was racing against time in an attempt to find her. According to the Memphis Police Department, her body was found in the 1600 block of Victor. 

Eliza and her husband, Richard Fletcher III, got married in 2014

Eliza got married to Richard Fletcher III in 2014. The ceremony was held at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, where the couple met. They were blessed with two boys, and the family was active in the church congregation. The couple celebrated their 8th anniversary in March 2022.

Richard currently works as a dealer manager at Memphis Boat Center and has been in that position for over a year. Previously, he worked as a project manager for Memphis Millwork, as a maintenance mechanic for a marine company, as a CrossFit coach, as a project consultant for an environmental company, and as a barista.

He was also a machinery technician for the U.S. Coast Guard from 2001 and remained till 2005. His parents served in the U.S Navy. As far as his educational background is concerned, he holds a bachelor’s degree in project management from Union University and took general education courses at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Netizens suspected Richard of being behind Eliza’s disappearance, but police cleared him

On 3rd September, Richard stood together with the rest of Eliza’s family as her uncle, Mike Keeney, made a statement concerning Eliza’s abduction on behalf of the family. They appreciated the police’s role in the investigation and everyone else’s prayers and support. 

Richard was the subject of speculation from social media users who accused him of being the perpetrator of these heinous crimes. However, on 4th September, police arrested Cleotha Abston and charged him with aggravated kidnapping and evidence tampering in relation to the case. Later on, after Eliza’s body was found, they added charges to the 38-year-old, which were first-degree murder and first-degree murder in perpetration of kidnapping. 

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy quashed the rumors surrounding Eliza’s death. In a press conference, he stated, “in contrast to whatever baseless speculation you might’ve seen, we have no reason to think this was anything other than an isolated attack by a stranger.”

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