All About Samuel Alito’s Wife and Family

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Justice Samuel Alito of the United States Supreme Court said leaks, like the one that publicized the Roe-Wade decision, place Supreme Court Justices in danger. Alito spoke about issues affecting the highest court in the land during a late October interview at the Heritage Foundation. Alito said:

“The eak also made those of us who were thought to be in the majority in support of overruling Roe and Casey targets for assassination because it gave people a rational reason to think they could prevent that from happening by killing one of us.”

Justice Alito used the attempt on the life of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, an opposer of Roe v Wade, to support his argument. 

Samuel shares two children with his wife Martha-Ann Bomgardner

Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. poses with his wife, Martha-Ann, and his children, Laura and Philip.

Martha-Ann Bomgardner was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky, to Bobby Bene Bomgardner and his wife. The family moved a lot due to Bobby’s Air-Force career. Therefore, Martha-Ann spent her young life in Texas, the Azores, Maine, France, and New Jersey. 

Samuel and Martha-Ann met at a law library where she worked. Alito’s work as a law clerk and attraction to Bomgardner prompted him to visit the library often. 

Alito was so ‘shy’ that it took him over a year to ask Martha-Ann out. A year into their relationship, Samuel accepted an offer to work for the U.S. solicitor general, so the couple moved to Washington, D.C.

Martha-Ann told The Washington Post that Alito liked Springsteen and Beethoven, but she forced him to listen to Bach and Scarlatti. She also stated that Samuel was a great marksman. 

Samuel and Martha-Ann wed in 1985 and share two children – Philip and Laura. Philip is a lawyer like his father and has pursued a career in politics. He learned his trade at the University of Virginia and Duke University School of Law. 

Alito recused himself from some cases after inheriting shares from Martha-Ann’s father 

Justice Alito’s financial report in mid-2013 explained why he’d recused himself on various matters before the Supreme Court. The report showed that Alito and his wife inherited shares from Martha-Ann’s father after he passed away in 2012. 

Federal law compels judges to bow out of matters concerning companies in which they hold shares.

Martha-Ann adopted a secretive life after Alito’s appointment to the Supreme Court. She attended his confirmation hearings, bursting into tears after Alito faced tough questions about his views on minorities and women. 

Bomgardner left the room and returned after a recess in the hearing. “She was very upset that a good and decent man would get attacked,” a White House official said. “It’s outrageous.”

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