Are Ian Brady and Myra Hindley still alive? Their crimes and romance explored

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Ian Brady and Myra Hindley murdered five children in the Manchester area in the mid-sixties. The pair would have probably continued killing had Myra’s brother-in-law, David Smith, not gathered the courage to report Edward Evans’ brutal murder to the police. 

Per a February 2022 Channel 4 documentary titled Moors Murders, David Smith might have been the demented couple’s next victim. Brady told Sixties star Janie Jones that he and Myra had considered ‘canceling’ David. He said:

“Three months before the end, we discussed cancelling him. After the trial, of course, she [Myra] agreed we should have cancelled them both [Smith and his wife Maureen]. It was the only time I didn’t follow instinct and allowed sentiment to influence what was necessary.”

Ian Brady passed away in agony in Ashworth hospital in 2017 

Courtesy: BBC

Ian Brady was sentenced to life for participating in the murders. Per David Smith, Ian relished sexually assaulting and murdering his victims. 

Smith married Maureen, Myra’s sister, after getting her pregnant. Brady and Myra saw him as a potential addition to their gang, so they invited him to watch Edward Evans’ murder. 

That fateful night, Myra asked Smith to walk her home. At Hindley’s home, Smith stayed in the kitchen until he heard screams from the living room. “Brady’s got this lad, whacking him and hitting him with an axe,” Smith revealed during a 2013 interview. “It’s very violent.”

Fearing for his life, Smith cooperated by moving the body and cleaning the room. Per Smith, Ian appeared to revel in the murder: “He passes me the axe and said: ‘Fell the weight of that.'”

Smith returned home feeling sick, and early the following day, he reported the murder to the police. Authorities arrested Ian and Myra for the murder of Edward Evans. Investigations found the couple culpable of killing Lesley Ann Downey and John Kilbride. 

Brady later confessed to killing Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett. In 1985, Ian was diagnosed as a psychopath and transferred to Ashworth Hospital. Brady tried to end his life by going on hunger strike, forcing authorities to feed him via a tube. 

Ian passed away in agony due to a lung condition named Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Before he died, Ian requested that his ashes be scattered on the Saddleworth Moor that he buried his victims. 

Every crematorium in the city refused to cremate Smith. “It’s a sick final twist to cause his victims’ families the greatest upset from beyond the grave,” Lesley Anne Downey’s brother, Terry West, said

Robin Makin, one of the last people to see Ian alive and executor of his will, refused to reveal if Brady expressed remorse. “We discussed a few things but he was extremely weak and it was very difficult for him,” Makin told the Liverpool Echo

Myra wished the authorities would have killed her instead of sentencing her to life 

Myra Hindley told Janie Jones that she participated in the murders because she feared Ian would turn on her. However, Myra played an active role in the killings: she would help lure the unsuspecting victim, let Ian murder them, and help with clean-up and disposal of the bodies. 

Like Ian, Myra received a life sentence. She appealed her sentence and lost. 

In 2000, Hindley told the BBC that she wished she’d been hung. Myra missed the death sentence by one year. She described herself as afraid of the hangman’s noose, but she viewed it as the just result of her actions:

“It would have solved so many problems. The family of the victims would have derived some peace of mind and the tabloids would not have been able to manipulate them as they do to this day.”

Myra claimed to be burdened by the guilt of her actions. 

Two years after her documentary appearance, Myra Hindley died in prison from bronchial pneumonia. 

Ian and Myra’s twisted romance fueled their murderous inclinations 

Courtesy: BBC

Myra’s unpublished memoirs reveal that she was obsessed with Ian Brady. She met Brady at Millward’s Merchandise and pursued the suit-wearing stock clerk. Hindley described him as having unsavory behavior, but she fell for him anyway. 

To Hindley, Ian’s word was law. She wrote: “At the age of 18 I met a man who convinced me there was no God at all. He could have told me the Earth was flat, that the sun rose in the west, that the moon was made of green cheese and I would have believed him, such were his powers of persuasion.”

“He became my God, my idol, my object of worship and I worshipped him blindly – more blindly than the congenital blind – for many years.”

Brady described him and Myra as having a ‘conscious, subconscious, emotional, and psychological affinity.’ The couple’s sex life involved elements of BDSM, including whipping and strangling. Brady wrote that the pair had an interesting night after surviving a motorcycle crash. 

“A close brush with death stimulates the sexual urge,” Ian added. The couple’s twisted urges soon drove them to the rapes and murders of five children. 

Myra and Ian tried to implicate David Smith in the murders. Smith had a criminal record and had dated the first victim Pauline Reade – the connection led people to conclude that he was guilty. 

Producer Douglas Chirnside opines that Ian and Myra tried to control Smith by having him witness Edward Evans’ murder, but the plan failed. “The reason it stopped is because Ian Brady made a mistake and I swear, honest to God, I’m delighted he made that mistake,” Smith said. 

Despite hyping the couple’s connection in some of his writing, Ian opined that without Myra, he wouldn’t have turned murderous. “Had I not met Myra Hindley, I wouldn’t have been diverted from my mercenary aims and on to the path of my downfall,” he wrote. 

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