Benjamin Mendy’s Wife – He had a fling with Claudia Marino

Benjamin Mendy’s football career hangs in the balance as he awaits trial for one count of sexual assault and six counts of rape. Manchester City Football Club suspended Mendy after police filed the initial charges. The fact that prosecutors continue to add charges doesn’t bode well for the flashy left-back.

Mendy is a famous player among City and France fans due to his use of social media. It remains a possibility that we’ll never see Mendy play professional football again – bouncing back from a sexual assault conviction is challenging, as ex-City player Adam Johnson can attest.

Benjamin Mendy is single and did have a fling with Claudia Marino

As far as we can tell, Benjamin Mendy is single. 

He has yet to publicize a relationship during his career and instead points to his career as his partner. 

In early 2021, Benjamin hosted a New Year’s party that breached COVID-19 regulation. The Mirror reported that Benjamin’s girlfriend and relatives attended the party. 

“Benjamin and his partner allowed a chef and two friends of his partner to attend his property for a dinner party on New Year’s Eve,” a spokesperson for Mendy told The Sun.

The spokesperson didn’t reveal the identity of Mendy’s girlfriend.

It later emerged that Mendy snuck in Greek model Claudia Marino at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in late June 2020. Per The Sun, Marino highlighted that she’d have to quarantine for two weeks after landing in the UK, but Mendy convinced her to head straight to his house. 

“I’m not naïve and I know what footballers are like but I thought it would be an experience,” Claudia said. “He was single so I wasn’t hurting anybody. We had some drinks and a laugh.”

Benjamin tried to cover his tracks by getting Claudia to delete an Instagram video of her inside his house. The fling ended after Claudia returned home in early July 2021. 

Who is Claudia Marino?

Unfortunately, we know precious little about Benjamin Mendy’s rumored fling. 

We know that she flew from Greece to meet Mendy, but we don’t know whether she hails from the country.

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