How Did Lil Bo Weep Die? She Passed Away in March 2022

Courtesy: ALIXNMUSIC/ Twitter

The condolences continue to pour in for beloved Australian artist Lil Bo Weep. Lil Bo was a fast-rising star in the emo, hip hop, and lo-fi genres. The extensively tattooed star attracted nearly 35,000 fans to her SoundCloud page with hits including Codependency, and I wrote that song 4 u. 

Weep’s passing comes days after she announced via Instagram that she was mourning the death of her child. A visibly emotional Lil Bo revealed that it was the first anniversary of her baby girl’s death. Weep encouraged fans to learn from her and take care of their bodies. 

Lil Bo Weep passed away following a long struggle with mental health issues 

Lil Bo Weep/ Instagram

Lil Bo Weep, whose real name was Winona Brooks, passed away on 5th March 2022, aged 22. Her cause of death has yet to be confirmed. 

Her father, Matthew Schofield, wrote about Lil Bo’s mental health issues via a heartfelt Facebook tribute. Matthew wrote:

“This weekend we lost the fight for my daughter’s life against depression, trauma, PTSD and drug addiction that we have been fighting since we got her back from America.” 

“She fought hard against her demons as we all did side by side next to her and picking up the broken pieces over and over again but she could not fight any more and we lost her.”

Matthew described Lil Bo Weep as his hero, daughter, and best friend. He expressed relief that Bo Weep was no longer hurting but added that he’d lost a big part of him.

“ALWAYS IN MY HEART. I LOVE MY WINNIE. Lil Bo Weep,” he concluded. 

Via her last Instagram post, Lil Bo Weep talked about taking medication to combat complete post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD). She asked fans to mourn the loss of her daughter with her. Lil Bo explained:

“I am heavily dosed on Seroquel to avoid any psychosis from my CPTSD. Not only have I been mourning my child, I have recently found out my fertility has been affected by growing up with a severe eating disorder.”

Lil Bo Weep touched many fans with her music

Lil Bo used many names throughout her career. She initially used the name Cheyenne Green before adopting the name ‘moniker.’

She used Unaloon as her stage name, but most fans knew her as Lil Bo Weep. 

Weep launched her career via SoundCloud in 2015 and had released two LPs and an EP titled Healing Unaloon. 

Based on the sheer number of tributes flooding in, Lil Bo Weep touched many fans with her music. @GETCAKEDIEYOUNG tweeted:

“lil bo weep’s death is rlly fucking me up honestly. i was just thinking ab her the day before last and redownloaded some of her stuff to listen to on a road trip. life is so fucked up and so fragile. idk man. be safe out there.”

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