Is Brandy Norwood Sick? Why She Was Hospitalized

(Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Brandy Norwood’s return to a major label signaled to fans that an eighth studio album is on the way. Norwood is among the most successful artists worldwide, having sold over 40 million records globally. In recent years, Norwood has expanded her reach into television and Broadway productions. 

Despite experiencing success in those fields, the most significant chunk of Brandy’s acclaim stems from her musical exploits. She recently raised fan concern after TMZ reported that emergency services had rushed her to the hospital. 

Brandy reportedly suffered a seizure and was advised by doctors to rest

According to TMZ, law enforcement officers received an EMS call to Brandy’s home on 11th October 2022. The outlet claimed that officers rushed her to a local hospital after she suffered a seizure. 

The seizure’s cause remains uncertain; it’s unclear whether Brandy has an underlying health issue that may have triggered the episode. 

The following day, Brandy thanked her fans for their support. She pointed to dehydration and poor nutrition as the causes of her problems and said doctors had advised her to rest. A note from the singer read:

“I am following doctors’ orders and getting the rest I need due to dehydration and low amounts of nutrition. Thank you for the prayers and support. Grateful for you all, see you soon.”

Brandy has been the subject of several death hoaxes 

In this era of rampant disinformation, it’s common for people to make up the deaths of celebrities. Brandy has faced several death hoaxes in the past few years, none of which she’s bothered to respond to.

Speaking of death, Brandy’s brother Ray J uploaded a post that raised concern for his mental health. “If it wasn’t 4 my kidz I would jump off and die tonight,” Ray J reportedly wrote (per TMZ). 

The singer allegedly posted photos of his feet dangling from a high ledge. “Maybe the next life was my real reality,” the rapper wrote. A source said Ray J was ‘messing around,’ but the statement did little to quell concern about the rapper. 

Brandy responded by posting a throwback photo of the pair on Instagram. “Need you bro,” Brandy wrote. 

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