Is Chainsaw Man Available on Netflix? The Show’s Streaming Details

The long-awaited Chainsaw Man adaptation has finally arrived – and it’s perhaps better than we had anticipated. It stars Denji, a kid who inherited an outrageous debt from his father. He steadily clears the debt by working as a Devil hunter for the Yakuza. His primary weapon: a chainsaw protruding from his adorable demon-dog pet’s head. 

Pochita, the pet, is adorable, but the series is bleak. The swathes of gray are punctuated by tides of red emanating from the show’s fantastic battles. Denji might just be a boy, but he’s hardened by the trials he endures – he hardly flinches when he encounters a Devil and appears to delight in the brutal slayings of his adversaries. 

Chainsaw Man is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu

Fans of Chainsaw Man can stream the show on Crunchyroll an hour after it premieres in Japan. 

The series is available on Crunchyroll in most regions worldwide except Asian territories. It was reported that MediaLink and Amazon Prime Video will handle the series’ distribution in Asia. 

US viewers with Hulu subscriptions can watch the series at the same time it appears on Crunchyroll. The series will continue to premiere on Hulu weekly throughout the first season. 

Will Chainsaw Man appear on Netflix?

The show’s official web page shows Netflix as one of the streaming platforms that’ll stream the series. However, we suspect that, like with Amazon Prime Video, the show will only appear on Netflix in Asian regions. 

There is a high chance that Chainsaw Man will appear on Netflix in other regions as time passes. Netflix has a great relationship with MAPPA, the Japanese anime studio behind Chainsaw Man -the companies entered a production line partnership in October 2020.

MAPPA hasn’t produced Chainsaw Man for Netflix, but given the collaboration between the two studios, they could hammer out a streaming deal that’ll see the show appear on Netflix worldwide. 

Taiki Sakurai, Netflix’s Anime Chief Producer, released the following statement following news of Netflix’s partnership with MAPPA:

“With these additional partnerships with industry trailblazers who do amazing work often marrying the latest technologies and traditional hand-drawn animation, we’re excited to bring fans a greater variety of even more amazing stories.”

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