Is David Walliams Gay? His Sexuality Detailed

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David Walliams is an English comedian, actor, writer, and television personality. He was born on 20th August 2021 in Wimbledon, England. He is best known for his work in Little Britain, aired on BBC from 2003 to 2007, and Come Fly with Me from 2010 to 2011. Walliams has been a judge on the television talent show competition Britain’s Got Talent on ITV since 2012. He has also sold over 37 million copies of his children’s books worldwide. 

David recently came under the spotlight after a leaked transcript revealed him making derogatory and sexually explicit remarks about contestants during the recording of an episode of the ITV show. 

David Williams is not gay but he admits to wrestling with gay thoughts

David Walliams kisses James Corden (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/FFR/Getty Images)

Although little is known about David’s personal life, he has severally addressed questions about his sexuality. When asked whether he is attracted to men, he said: 

“It’s a bit of both. I don’t know why anyone would rule [a relationship with a man] out. Why would anyone say that’s never going to happen? I do love women and I’m attracted to women but sometimes I think it would be simpler if I wasn’t – because people think I’m gay and I’m camp.”  

He also stated that he had a lot of gay experiences growing up as a result of him being in a lot of all-male environments and the fact that he is effeminate. It is safe to say that he is not gay, as he has expressly stated that he is attracted to women. 

In addition, the author was married to Lara Stone between 2010 and 2015, and he shares a six-year-old son named Alfred with the model.

David previously stated in an interview that he believes that a person’s sexuality can change over the years, so we can’t rule anything out. He stated: 

“I think it’s all about falling in love with the person and that is overlooked, really. I hate it when people ‘confess’ or ‘reveal’ their sexuality and also things can change for people over the years. So, it is about the person but I also think it goes beyond that. You don’t just fall in love with someone’s body, do you? You fall in love with someone’s soul and heart and brain”.

When asked if he has ever had a relationship with a man during a TV appearance, he denied it. Still, he revealed that he has wrestled with the thoughts of wondering whether or not he was gay, primarily because of his effeminate nature. He added: 

“If I was gay, I would just get on with it. But definitely I love women, I love being around women, I find them incredible and intoxicating, and I’ve never had that feeling I get with women with a man”.

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