Kari Lake’s Husband Jeff Halperin: Her Family Life

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Kari Lake modeled her failed campaign on repeating Donald Trump’s false election fraud claims. Lake’s defeat was among the several that Trump-backed Republican nominees faced, reducing the predicted ‘red wave’ to a ripple. Kari’s rhetoric about election lies has raised doubts on whether she’ll accept defeat to Katie Hobbs. 

The following tweet by Kari Lake after the election was called for Hobbs suggests she won’t: “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” 

Lake’s zealous devotion to Trump was on show throughout her campaign. She even called Trump her favorite man in the world, ahead even of her husband, Jeff Halperin. “My husband is my second favorite man,” Kari said. “I’m just putting it that way right now.”

Kari Lake and her husband, Jeff Halperin, share a son and a daughter 

Kari Lake married her husband, Jeff Halperin, in 1998. She was previously married to Tracy Finnegan, an electrical engineer whom she wed in 1991. Lake and Halperin share two children: a son and a daughter. 

Kari told Phoenix Magazine that her husband had the power to veto Lake’s decision to run for governor. Lake told the outlet that Jeff took a hike behind their home before approving Lake’s choice. 

Some politicians place their kids at the forefront of their campaigns; Kari Lake has taken a different approach – the kids rarely show up on the campaign trail or on social media. The Phoenix article alleged that one of Kari’s ground rules for inviting the press to her home is no interviews with the children.

Lake’s husband is a videographer who records her every move 

After spending nearly three decades working as a news anchor, Kari declared she didn’t trust the media anymore. Her resignation from Fox 10 Phoenix marked the start of her war against the press. 

“I found myself reading news copy that I didn’t believe was fully truthful,” Lake said. “I’ve decided the time is right to do something else.”

Lake couldn’t rely on recordings from media houses, so she hired her husband as her videographer. Halperin records Lake’s every move and converts the content into promotional material or ammunition against her rivals. 

Stacey Barchenger, a state politics reporter and Kari Lake expert, told Noel King on the Today, Explained podcast:

“One of the unexpected things about interviewing Kari Lake is any time you talk to her or interview her, you are also on camera. Her husband is her cameraman. They have this full operation – multiple cameras, the big boom mic above your head – that’s listening to everything. And the campaign will publish those videos.”

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