Lorraine Thorpe now: She’ll qualify for parole in 2024

Lorraine Thorpe is believed to be Britain’s youngest female double murderer. She was 15 when, alongside Paul Clarke, she tortured and murdered Rosalyn Hunt and her father, Des Thorpe. The shocking part about the murders was that Lorraine seemed to enjoy participating in them; she wasn’t an unwilling accomplice of the then 41-year-old Clarke. 

Thorpe showed no remorse after her arrest, telling police that they would find her footprint on her dad. True to her claim, police found a trainer print on her father’s head. Lorraine Thorpe was imprisoned for her crimes, but there’s a chance that she might walk free in a few years. 

Lorraine Thorpe is in jail and will qualify for parole in 2024 

When sentencing Lorraine Thorpe, Mr. Justice Saunders described her as a girl who’d ‘been left with no understanding of what is right and wrong.’

Thorpe came from an unstable home featuring two parents who rarely agreed. Lorraine’s parents divorced when she was twelve, and she chose to stay with her father.

Unfortunately, Des was an alcoholic, and Lorraine was his primary caregiver. Through her father, Lorraine joined the drinking community of Ipswich, where violence was the order of the day. 

“She was spending time with middle-aged alcoholics to whom violence had become normal,” the judge said. “It had become part of their way of life. The alcoholics fought with each other. They stole in order to get the drink they craved.”

Mr. Justice Saunders described Lorraine’s upbringing as ‘not being proper,’ leaving her ‘as a violent young woman and a highly manipulative young woman as well.’ 

The judge sentenced Lorraine Thorpe to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 14 years. Thorpe is imprisoned and will qualify for parole in 2024. 

Lorraine gloated about killing Rosalyn and her father 

Lorraine and Des Thorpe

“Far from being sorry, Lorraine appears to have gloried in it, describing to her friends at one stage how she stamped on Rosalyn’s head,” the judge said. Lorraine had a tumultuous life, but even experts struggle to understand how she perpetrated such levels of violence. 

Lorraine looked up to Paul Clarke as a ‘role model.’ Clarke was a controlling figure in the drinking group, so Lorraine gravitated towards him as a source of support. 

Rosalyn, also a member of the drinking group, clashed with Clarke for allegedly kicking his dog. However, forensic psychologist Dr. Keri Nixon said on Britain’s Deadliest Kids that she believes Rosalyn objected to Clarke and Thorpe’s closeness. 

Lorraine tricked Rosalyn into going to Clarke’s house, where the murderers abducted her. Rosalyn was beaten and whipped for days. Lorraine and Clarke cut her skin with a cheese grater and rubbed salt in her wounds to increase the pain. 

“They basically used her as a punch bag,” Nixon said. “Rosalyn screamed in agony during the torture she sustained. It is unimaginable the pain Rosalyn Hunt endured in the days before she died.”

Rosalyn eventually succumbed to her injuries. Lorraine bragged about the murder to her friends within her father’s earshot. Des threatened to report the pair, prompting Lorraine and Clarke to silence him. 

Des didn’t endure the type of torture experienced by Rosalyn, but he suffered a severe beating. Dr. Nixon described Lorraine’s behavior as rare:

“She laughed about the level of violence they used against Rosalyn Hunt. In my experience, I have never seen this level of violence, these types of injuries, enacted by a 15-year-old girl. Usually, in cases like this, they will partake in some violence. But to be actively involved in such torturous activity, is incredibly rare.”

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