Matt Hancock’s Partner Gina Coladangelo: Their Affair Discussed

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Matt Hancock has drawn near-universal backlash from his party following news that he’ll star in the hit ITV show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Rishi Sunak said via a spokesperson: “The PM believes that at a challenging time for the country, MPs should be working hard for their constituents in the House or in their constituencies.”

Andy Drummond, the deputy chair of the West Suffolk Conservative Association, was less subtle in his condemnation of Hancock. He said: “I’m looking forward to him eating a kangaroo’s penis. You can quote me on that.”

Hancock is no stranger to scandal: In mid-2021, he was caught cheating on his ex-wife, Martha Millar.

Matt and Gina Coladangelo started dating publicly after The Sun leaked their affair 

Matt followed by Gina

Matt Hancock was already under pressure for the government’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic when a report by The Sun exposed his affair with Gina Coladangelo. 

This was no ordinary affair between a politician and his subordinate – it was a multilayered scandal: the pair were both married, The Sun posted photos of them kissing in Matt’s office, and the smooching breached Matt’s coronavirus guidelines.  

Matt resigned as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care 24 hours after the affair leaked. Hancock talked about the decision to retire during an interview with Stephen Bartlett on The Diary of a CEO podcast

“Some people I really respect got in contact and told me about some things they had not been able to do, like seeing dying relatives, and I realized that it was unsustainable.”

Matt and Gina met at Oxford University while working at the student radio station in the 1990s. She participated in Hancock’s failed campaign for the Tory leadership in 2019 and later joined the Department of Health’s board of non-executive directors. 

A source said that Gina and Matt always seemed incredibly close. “Her status was slightly mysterious but she went everywhere with him,” the source said. “She was in every meeting.”

Friends said the pair’s affair began in May 2021, but suspicions about the couple had existed for years. In 2019, Gina denied there was a romance between herself and Matt when ministerial aides questioned her about their relationship. 

Reports claim that Matt and Gina have moved in together. Hancock told Steve Bartlett that he stayed with Coladangelo because he fell in love with her:

“I fell in love with somebody. We spent a lot of time together, ironically trying to get me to be able to communicate in a more emotionally intelligent way, and we fell in love. I haven’t had casual sex with anybody. I fell in love with somebody.”

Hancock reportedly hasn’t apologized to his ex-wife Martha Millar 

Martha Hancock (Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)

Martha Millar and Matt Hancock met at Oxford University. They wed in 2006 and later welcomed three children. 

Matt reportedly told Martha he would leave her after learning The Sun was about to expose his affair. Reports claim Martha thought she was in a happy and stable marriage. 

“I want to reiterate my apology for breaking the guidance, and apologize to my family and loved ones for putting them through this,” Matt’s resignation letter read. “I also need [to] be with my children at this time.”

A report by The Telegraph in September 2021 claimed that Matt hadn’t apologized to Martha beyond his public apology. A source said:

“Martha has been crushed by this, and Matt is only interested in his career and his mistress. [Matt Hancock] is definitely not a gentleman. He keeps trying to suggest that all is fine when everyone has been left shattered by this. He has been horrible to Martha.”

During his interview with Stephen Bartlett, Matt lamented the public nature of the scandal. “Anybody who has been through this knows how difficult it is, how painful it is, doing that in public is incredibly painful,” he said. 

Hancock expressed sympathy for his children but scarcely mentioned his ex-wife. “Being health secretary is not nearly as difficult as worrying about your children in a very public divorce,” Matt said. “Going through that is undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever done by a long, long way.”

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