Oscar Piastri’s Parents: Are They Rich?

(Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Oscar Piastri, born on 6th April 2001 in Melbourne, is an Australian racing driver who currently serves as reserve driver for the Alpine F1 team. He won the 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup, the 2020 FIA Formula 3 Championship, and the 2021 Formula 2 Championship with Prema Racing.

His promotion to the F1 does not come as a surprise, considering his brilliance. Oscar is only the sixth driver to win the GP2/Formula 2 Championship in his rookie season and the fifth to win the GP3/Formula 3 Championship and GP2/Formula 2 Championship in consecutive seasons.

Oscar Piastri hails from an Italian family obsessed with cars  

Oscar was born to an Italian family. His father, Chris Piastri, was the one who spearheaded his career as a driver. When Oscar was six years old, Chris returned home from a trip with a remote-controlled monster truck. Oscar used to race around in their backyard in Sandringham, Melbourne.

Remote control racing ignited Oscar’s passion and subsequently led to go-karting, which led to Formula Four, Three, Two, and now, this year, a reserve driver spot with BWT Alpine in Formula One.

Chris has been with his son in every step of his racing journey. He was his mechanic when Oscar used to race go-karts back in Australia. His family is filled with petrol heads. Oscar’s father used to read him car books as bedtime stories. Oscar would then recite how fast cars were, the horsepower, and how much speed they had. 

Piastri’s grandfathers were also mechanics; his father, Chris, runs a successful automotive software development company. 

Piastri’s parents invested millions into his motorsport career

Although it might be safe to say that Oscar was preordained for a career on the race track, his father says that talent was not the only thing at play. He stated that it also took a considerable amount of sacrifice together with millions of dollars. 

In an interview with The Age, Chris noted that together with family and sponsors, they had poured over 6 million dollars into Oscar’s dream. This shows you that motor racing is not cheap.

When Oscar moved from remote control racing, he went on to karting which brought on more commitments on top of higher expenses. In addition to the money used on the go-kart itself, there was also a lot of travel and accommodation, which forced Chris and Oscar to take time off from work and school, respectively. 

The commitments and money continued to increase as Oscar progressed to Formula 4 and then to Formula Renault. When joining the Formula 3 grid, Chris brought on Mark Webber, an ex-F1 racer, and his partner Ann to help manage Oscar. Mark had connections all over the racing community, which made it easier to find funding and sponsorship.

Nonetheless, Chris reiterated that the journey had been worth it, and he had no regrets. He stated, “The financial commitment is just one part. It’s a huge commitment by Oscar, by us as a family, and those helping Oscar get there.”

Oscar dedicated a Silverstone victory to his loving mom

Not much is known about Oscar’s mom, but it is clear that she is supportive of his son and his racing career. Oscar also adores her mother so much that he dedicated his win to her after gaining victory at Formula Renault Eurocup weekend at Silverstone.

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