The School for Good and Evil Film Sequel Release Date

Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil has proven to be a major hit on Netflix, despite poor reviews from critics. It stars two friends: Sophie, who dreams of being a princess, and Agatha, who appears to have the makings of a witch. However, when the pair land in the School of Good and Evil, Sophie is taken to the School for Evil, while Agatha reluctantly joins the school for Good. 

As the film progresses, the stars and their teachers learn that good and evil often overlap. In the end, as with many fairy tales, true love’s kiss saves the day. 

The film’s ending leaves the door open for a sequel

The clearest sign that Netflix is at least considering a sequel comes from the following quote from the film’s ending: “It became clear that this was only the beginning.”

School for Good and Evil is based on a book series by Soman Chainani. So far, Chainani has written six books in the series, providing plenty of content for filmmakers to adapt. 

If – at this point, I should really use when – Netflix greenlights a sequel, the second film might follow book two, A World Without Princes. 

In Chainani’s second book, Agatha and Sophie return to a completely different school. The boys reside exclusively in the School for Evil; the girls live in the School for Good, which is, as the title suggests, a world without princes. 

Conversely, the filmmakers might abandon Chainani’s series and create a unique story for the sequel. Therefore, we can’t predict with any degree of certainty who’ll reappear in the sequel – except for Sophie and Agatha, the stars of the film. 

Talk of a School for Good and Evil prequel might seem premature, but given the overwhelmingly positive responses from fans, an announcement about a sequel will likely come soon. 

It often takes about two years for Netflix movie sequels to appear on the platform. Therefore, the earliest we can expect The School for Good and Evil 2 is October 2024. 

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