What Is Jeremy Kyle Doing Now? He’s Threatened To Sue Channel 4

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Jeremy Kyle once hosted The Jeremy Kyle Show, at times the most popular daytime show on ITV. Guests on the show argued about a myriad of subjects, including addiction, betrayal, and paternity, while Kyle served as the ‘impartial’ host. 

Few agreed with his and the show’s methods, but viewership numbers continued rising – and that was all that mattered until guest Steve Dymond died after filming an episode of the show. 

Dymond’s death forms the main story in a shocking documentary on Channel 4 – titled Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime – exposing the inhumane methods used to create the ITV series. Jeremy Kyle stepped away from television after Dymond’s death. Let’s find out what Jeremy Kyle is doing now. 

Jeremy hosts a radio show following his father’s dying wish that he return to work 

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Jeremy Kyle spent some time away from the limelight before becoming a host on a talkRADIO show airing on weekdays from Monday to Thursday. 

Kyle told Mike Graham on talkRADIO TV that he became a radio host to honor his father’s dying wish that he returned to work. Jeremy explained:

“I lost my dad six weeks ago and he was my hero. One of the reasons that I’ve come back now is that he said to me, ‘go back to work’. It just seems like the right time, and I’ve listened to talkRADIO and I just like the fact that there’s a huge amount of honesty and directness and it’s about people.”

On his first appearance on radio, Jeremy talked about his show’s cancellation, stating that he was nervous about reclaiming the limelight. He expressed pride at his long stint on television but declined to speak more about the calamity that caused its cancellation. 

“For legal reasons – this is a fact – I can’t talk about that. But let me tell you this. When I can I will and it will be on this radio station. But for now, that is a closed chapter. What is important is this radio station,” Kyle said

Jeremy Kyle declined to offer his thoughts on the Channel 4 documentary about his show. ITV responded, however, contesting the assertion that it promoted or failed to stop the show’s bad culture. ITV’s statement read:

“ITV would never condone any of its production staff misleading or lying to guests. All guests on the Jeremy Kyle Show were aware of the nature of the show and the presenter’s style before taking part in recording.”

Kyle was set for a television return, but ITV scrapped plans for Kyle’s new show

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Steve Dymond signed up to appear on Kyle’s show to prove that he was faithful to his fiancé Jane. However, a lie detector test performed on Steve concluded that Kyle had lied about staying loyal to Jane. 

Channel 4’s documentary shows the final texts Kyle sent Jane. In them, he blamed Jeremy Kyle for what was about to happen. An autopsy revealed that Kyle passed away due to a morphine overdose. 

ITV responded by canceling the show; Jeremy said he was heartbroken after learning of Dymond’s death. The statement read:

“Myself and the production team I have worked with for the last 14 years are all utterly devastated by the recent events. Our thoughts and sympathies are with Steve’s family and friends at this incredibly sad time.”

In August 2019, ITV’s director of television Kevin Lygo talked about plans to revive The Kyle Files in 2020 and introduce a new show featuring Kyle as host. 

“We are piloting something with him and we will just have to have a look because he is a consummate broadcaster and it would be absolutely wrong to apportion blame of the show against the presenter of it,” Kevin asserted

However, ITV scrapped plans for Kyle’s new show as well as a new season of The Kyle Files. 

Kyle lost friends and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder after leaving television 

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In September 2021, Jeremy Kyle addressed the struggles experienced after his show’s cancellation. 

Kyle stated that he previously didn’t understand the mental health problems experienced by celebrities. “I never thought they would affect me like they did,” Jeremy said. 

Jeremy also decried being the alleged scapegoat after the saga. “I’ve felt hunted and made out to be responsible for everything that ever took place around that show. But I was just the face of it,” Kyle said. “I felt completely alone.”

Kyle said he could not leave the house, and a doctor diagnosed him with anxiety disorder. Furthermore, he had few people to lean on as most of his friends deserted him. 

Jeremy has threatened to pursue legal action following ‘false and damaging’ allegations made against him in Channel 4’s documentary. He released a statement saying:

“I would like to reiterate my deepest sympathies to the friends and family of Mr. Dymond. I’ve consistently maintained it would be inappropriate to discuss the tragic death of Steve Dymond before the legal inquest into it has concluded. Likewise, the false and damaging allegations made against me by Channel 4 are with the lawyers now.”

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