When Will Where the Crawdads Sing Come to Netflix – All About the Film

The first trailer for Where the Crawdads Sing is out, raising excitement levels for the widely anticipated film. It opens with Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones) on trial before shifting back to her happy childhood spent with her mother. Abandonment by friends and family forces Kya to be fiercely independent, sadly becoming an outcast in society. 

She gets close to Tate (Taylor John Smith), but he departs for college; she then gets close to local darling Chase (Harris Dickinson) – and he ends up dead by the marsh. ‘Carolina,’ a ballad by Taylor Swift plays as we watch Kya run through the woods. 

Where the Crawdads Sing will come to Netflix in late 2022

Where the Crawdads Sing will debut in theatres on 22nd July 2022. 

The Sony film will spend two to three months in theatres before appearing on Netflix. 

Therefore, Where the Crawdads Sing will appear on Netflix in late 2022. 

Netflix and Sony have a deal guaranteeing the streamer first access to the studio’s upcoming theatrical releases. 2022 Sony films like Morbius, Uncharted, and Where the Crawdads sing will appear exclusively on Netflix for 18 months after their theatrical runs. 

“Sony Pictures is a great partner and we are thrilled to expand our relationship through this forward-thinking agreement,” Netflix global film head Scott Stuber said in a statement. 

Filming for Where the Crawdads Sing ended in July 2021 

Initially, Fox 2000 stated that it would adapt Della Owens best-selling debut novel Where the Crawdads Sing alongside Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine. 

Elizabeth Gabler departed for Sony after Disney closed Fox 2000 and moved with the project. Lucy Alibar was announced as the writer for the adaptation in March 2020. 

The film entered pre-production in July 2020 and in April 2021, filming started in Huoma, Louisiana. Reese Witherspoon, a New Orleans native, chose the location because she felt the spirit of the South encapsulated in Della’s writing. She told Vanity Fair:

“And the way that Delia Owens wrote this book with such authenticity, you could just tell she really grew up in this place. She really appreciated the nature around her. The book is a love letter to growing up in the South.”

Filming ended in July 2021, as confirmed by an Instagram post by Daisy Edgar-Jones. She captioned the post: “Where the crawdudes be diddle daddling. What a wonderful few months it has been. I can’t wait for you to see Kya’s marsh in all its glory and thank you to the Crawdads team for working so hard to bring this beautiful story to life. That’s a heckin wrap. See you way out yonder.”

Who will star in Where the Crawdads sing?

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays Kya in the upcoming film. She gained fame for playing the sensitive Marianne in Normal People and received plaudits for her performance in Fresh. 

Harris Dickinson, star of Beach Rats, plays Chase, and Taylor John Smith, a murder suspect in Sharp Objects, plays Tate. 

Reese Witherspoon (producer) teams up with Olivia Newman (director) and Lucy Alibar (scriptwriter) behind the cameras. 

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