Who is Caroline Lucas’ husband, Richard Savage?

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The British Parliament has endured plenty of turbulence in 2022 as lawmakers question Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership. Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion, told the Commons that Boris looked shifty after she asked him a question about Russian interference in the UK elections. 

Before she could complete her question, however, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle urged her to hurry up. Lucas and the general public didn’t react well to Hoyle’s actions. Netizens agreed that Lindsay was disrespectful to Caroline and should have reprimanded the jeering Tories instead of rushing Caroline into completing her remarks. 

Caroline and her husband, former cricketer Richard Savage, share two children 

Caroline, Richard, and their son, Isaac. Courtesy: Brighton & Hove News

Caroline and former cricketer Richard Savage married in 1991. They share two sons: Theo and Isaac. 

Richard played cricket for Oxford University and Warwickshire. 

Savage showed plenty of promise but failed to make it as a full-time cricketer. He left first-class cricket after a decent spell in lower tiers. 

Richard became a teacher, working in Bristol and Oxford before teaching at international schools in Belgium and the UK. He currently teaches English at Ardingly College. 

Richard allegedly clashed with Labour Party campaigners outside his house 

(Photo by Chris Ison/PA Images via Getty Images)

In 2015, Labour canvassers claimed that Richard Savage insulted them outside his house. The canvassers were allegedly ‘shocked and shaken’ by Richard’s behavior. 

City leader Warren Morgan said that Savage referred to Labour canvassers as poisonous for standing against the ‘best MP the country has ever had’. The tweet read:

“Terrible behaviour – we shall be making a complaint and asking for an apology. One of our volunteers was quite shaken. Elections are stressful, but no-one should stand in the street and shout abuse at members of other parties.”

A spokeswoman for Purna Sen, the Labour candidate, insisted that people treat campaigners with respect. She claimed that some of the campaigners were ‘quite distressed’ by the incident. 

However, Adam McGibbon, a campaign manager for the Green Party, accused Labour of trying to score cheap political points. He added:

“Richard, as Caroline’s husband, was right to take the opportunity to challenge the aggressive online behaviour of some of the Labour Party activists who were present, as we believe voters deserve a positive election campaign.”

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