Who Is Jeremy Kyle’s Wife Vicky Burton? His Marriages Explored

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For nearly fifteen years, the British populace watched Jeremy Kyle berate contestants about addiction, gambling, paternity, and other personal topics. Most people found fault with Kyle’s tactics but were nevertheless drawn to The Jeremy Kyle Show. Jeremy’s popular day-time show, which at times pulled 1.5 million-strong audiences, ended after Steve Dymond committed suicide days after appearing on the show. 

The circumstance surrounding Steve’s appearance on the show and death form the basis of Channel 4’s documentary Jeremy Kyle: Death on Daytime. Kyle responded by saying that there are two sides to the story and that he will tell his side after the inquest into Steve’s death ends. 

Jeremy married his third wife, Vicky Burton, following multiple cancellations caused by COVID-19 

Jeremy Kyle and Vicky Burton (Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Vicky Burton was the nanny to Jeremy’s children before the duo’s relationship turned romantic. 

Two years into their relationship, Jeremy proposed in February 2018 at the picturesque Grenadines Islands in the Caribbean. 

“Jeremy is completely loved up with Vicky – she’s put a smile back on his face,” a source told The Sun. “He chose the Grenadines because it’s a very romantic place and they’re ecstatically happy.”

In January 2020, Vicky gave birth to the couple’s first child. After a difficult 12 months for the former television host, the baby provided welcome relief. A source said:

“This is wonderful news for both of them. Of course it has been an extremely tough time, but it’s lovely to have something to celebrate together. They’re very much united and hoping to move forwards with their new son and the rest of their family.”

Vicky and Jeremy would have loved to finalize their union earlier, but the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone their nuptials. 

After five cancelations, the couple wed in October 2021 at All Saints Church in Windsor. A joyous Jeremy told The Sun:

“Vick’s been my rock in my darkest times. So to see her today, having such fun enjoying the wedding of her dreams, was perfect. Thankfully, at what is our sixth attempt after all the Covid cancellations and postponements, we got to enjoy the big day we’d both longed for.”

Kyle and his second wife, Carla Germaine, allegedly cheated on each other repeatedly as their marriage crumbled 

Jeremy Kyle and Carla Germaine (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Jeremy and Carla Germaine met on his stint at a Birmingham-based radio station. Carla won a competition to marry a stranger, but their union, perhaps unsurprisingly, ended after several months. 

Kyle swooped in and married Carla in 2002. The couple welcomed three children – Alice, Ava, and Henry – before announcing their split in September 2015. 

“After 13 years of a generally happy marriage, my wife and I, Carla, have separated amicably,” Kyle said. “We have sadly grown apart over recent years and been living apart since earlier this ­summer.”

Infidelity rumors sprung soon after the couple announced their split. It emerged that Kyle and the couple’s nanny, Vicky Burton, started dating before he separated from Carla. 

In February 2017, The Sun reported that Carla was angry at Vicky, a person she considered a close friend, for contributing to the crumbling of her marriage. Carla alleged that Vicky morphed into her employer in the nine years she spent with the family. 

“Carla and Vicky were so close, they were like sisters. The two of them shared so many good times,” a source said. “But now Carla can’t bear to look at Vicky. She has gone through the house taking down all the pictures of Vicky with her children because she finds them so upsetting. It is all too raw for her and the children.”

An astonishing report by The Sun also accused Carla of cheating on her ex-husband. The publication alleged that Carla cheated with polo player James Carr on multiple occasions. James reportedly told the publication:

“She told me Jeremy was in America. Then suddenly we began kissing. Without talking, I took her hand and led her inside my house. We started having sex — it was amazing. It was just sex — it didn’t mean anything. She was worried she’d get caught.”

Jeremy’s first marriage ended due to a gambling addiction, and lies about being terminally ill 

KIRSTY ROWLEY on her wedding day to JEREMY KYLE. 1998 (Photo by SUNDAY MIRROR/NICHOLAS BOWMAN/Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

Jeremy Kyle and his first wife, Kirsty Rowley, met in 1988 at a recruitment agency where she worked. The 20-year-old impressionable girl fell for Kyle’s charisma, charm, and humor. 

Two weeks after meeting, the two were virtually inseparable. A couple of months later, Kyle proposed in the bathroom of a friend’s house. Rowley discovered the shocking extents of Kyle’s lies after the pair split. 

He fabricated a sob story about a cheating fiancé; he pretended to have a terminal heart condition; he drove wedges between Kirsty and her friends; he lied about inheriting a modest fortune from his grandmother – all to convince Rowley to marry him as soon as possible. Kirsty detailed:

“I was just so shocked and felt terrible for him. I suppose it made me want to marry him all the more. I was eager for us to be together. I believed he didn’t have long to live. He didn’t put a timescale on it, but he said to my mother, which she recalls vividly, that he could die at any moment.”

In July 1989, the couple wed at the family home in a village outside Bristol. By then, Kirsty’s parents had concerns about the motivations behind the rushed wedding. “But I was just so happy we were getting married,” Kirsty said. 

The row the couple had during their honeymoon foreshadowed the many fights they would have during their short-lived union. 

Kirsty eventually discovered the root of Kyle’s seemingly endless lies: his gambling addiction. She explained: “When I confronted him he admitted he had been gambling. He was very remorseful. He told me about the bookies and I found out later he was on the gambling phone lines.”

Kyle had overdrawn money from the couple’s joint account, but when caught, he deflected by stating that a doctor had told him he didn’t have long to live. 

Jeremy changed after their daughters’ birth in June 1990 and was a supportive father even after the couple’s divorce. Kirsty said:

“In fairness he has stuck by Hattie and is a caring, devoted Dad. He bought her her first car, never faltered on his maintenance payments and they see each other a lot. They are very close.”

However, his attitude towards Kirsty worsened. After another argument, the couple divorced in November 1990. “I don’t think he went calmly,” Kirsty said. “He never does anything calmly.”

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