Who Is Tim Westwood’s Wife? His Secretive Love Life Explored

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DJ Tim Westwood stands accused of sexual misconduct by seven women interviewed by The Guardian and the BBC. Three women accuse Westwood of predatory sexual behavior, and the rest claim he groped them at events. The outlets report that the alleged acts happened between 1992 and 2017. 

Westwood has been a staple of UK hip-hop and rap for nearly four decades. He rose from a glass collector to a DJ worthy of attracting international acts like Jay Z. Westwood gained massive notoriety after surviving a drive-by shooting in 1999.

Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power is set to air on 26th April 2020. The DJ has reportedly denied all sexual misconduct allegations. 

Tim Westwood has never married and claimed to be hooked to his music career 

Tim Westwood has no wife and has never married. He’s been in secretive relationships before but has yet to wed. 

In 2008, Westwood told The Guardian that he was irredeemably attached to his music career. Music is my passion, this is my love, and this is all I do. I don’t have a family, I don’t have the pressures of kids, and I live for it,”Westwood said. 

“My thing is the relationship with the music and with the artists and, bottom line, with the audience.”

Tim Westwood’s beloved career might sink under the weight of the allegations leveled against him. It would be quite the loss for someone who proclaimed music as his world and claimed not to have ‘anything else in my life.’

“Everything’s been a choice. The career has been a choice,” he said. “My focus and my discipline is this. So what you see is really what you get. Legends live forever. And we’re one of the last real ones.”

Westwood was dating as recently as 2017 when he shared his credit card details 

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In mid-2017, Westwood allegedly meant to send a photo of his credit card to his girlfriend but mistakenly sent his bank details to his public Snapchat. 

Tim captioned a photo of his HSBC card with a message telling his ‘Baby’ to use it on nails, hair, a wax, new shoes, or a clutch bag. 

“Use my card – it’s black with private banking so there’s no limit (but don’t be buying a new car lol),” the caption concluded. 

Westwood took down the post shortly after it went live. He then posted an update on Instagram claiming the error had forced him to cut up his cards, severing his access to money. Westwood wrote:

“So fucked up! Accidentally Snapchat my credit cards. Had 186 screen grabs! Now I’m in Bermuda with no credit cards. Guess I got a lot of 419 Boys on my snap.”

It’s unlikely that anyone accessed Tim’s cash as he didn’t share the all-important CVV code. Nevertheless, the post revealed that Tim was dating (unless the upload was merely a ploy for attention).

It’s unclear whether Tim’s still dating his mystery partner. 

Westwood once claimed that he was in a same-sex relationship 

In 2014, Westwood tweeted that he was in a same-sex relationship but didn’t elaborate further on his admission. 

In the late 90s, The Independent reported that Tim and his girlfriend lived in London at the time. The outlet didn’t reveal the girlfriend’s name or identity. 

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