Wild is the Wind True Story: The Film’s Themes

Wild is the Wind is a South African film that follows two police officers struggling to make ends meet who resort to corruption to make ends meet. They attempt to solve the murder of an Afrikaner girl named Melissa. 

With so much civil unrest resulting from the incident, the two cops are racing against time to solve the case to collect the reward money. Throughout the film, their sense of morality wrestles with their selfish interests. 

This crime-drama film is written and directed by Fabian Medea and stars Mothusi Magano as Vusi, Frank Rautenbach as John, and Chris Chameleon, alongside other cast members.

Is Wild is the Wind based on a true story?

The Netflix film is not based on a true story. It is a fiction story that reflects some aspects of society, such as racial discrimination, poverty, and the thin line of morality that human beings cross back and forth. 

The story demonstrates how humans are inherently hypocritical and how our characters are easily susceptible to change depending on the circumstances that one is exposed to. 

The movie begins with a depiction of how the two police officers choose their selfish interests in an attempt to get ahead in life. However, as the film progresses, one of them rethinks their actions, and his intentions slowly evolve.

The movie also emphasizes how deep-rooted racial discrimination is and how difficult it is to overcome them. The racial injustice among the people of color in a South African community is highlighted, and just like in the real world, the film fails to do anything about it. 

For instance, Vusi states in one scene how the death of this single white teenager has stirred up civil unrest in an entire town, but nothing happens when it comes to the death of black people. Another depiction of racial injustice was highlighted through how the police searched a predominantly black neighborhood.

Although Wild is the Wind is not based on a true story, it brings together themes similar to what most people are experiencing in their reality. It sheds light on real problems that people go through as it shows the two officers struggling financially, emotionally, and mentally. 

On top of the internal conflicts, it brings out the themes of racism and corruption in society and their effects. It leaves you wondering whether people are a product of the environment or circumstances they were brought up in or do they have the power to define who they are and how they want to lead their lives.

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