Will We Get a New Season of Conversations With a Killer?

Conversations with a Killer returned on Netflix, this time focusing on John Wayne Gacy and his murderous machinations. John Wayne Gacy hid behind the façade of a community leader and beloved clown named Pogo or Patches the Clown. In reality, he was a serial murderer and probable sex offender that targeted young boys. 

Gacy’s 33 murders earned him the name Killer Clown. The series reveals how his murderous spree went undetected for nearly a decade and tries to offer insight into the mind of the demented killer. 

Conversations with a Killer is a popular series, and fans can’t wait to see if there’s another installment scheduled for release. 

Conversations with a Killer may return in 2025, with the focus being on another serial murderer

The first Conversations with a Killer focused on charismatic serial murderer and sex offender Ted Bundy. John Wayne was far less captivating than Ted, but the pair shared a similar taste for murder. 

Both killing sprees happened in the 1970s; both killers showed signs of sexual perversion; both murderers succumbed to the death penalty. 

The above are just a few similarities between Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. True crime aficionados can doubtlessly point out many more, but for this piece, we’ll stick to the above. 

The mid to late 20th century is considered the golden age of serial murder. There are more like Ted and John Wayne to explore, most of whom executed their killings between 1970 and 2000. 

The next season of Conversations with a Killer may look at killers like Ed Kemper and Charles Manson, characters who’ve given interviews after their arrest and imprisonment. 

Joe Berlinger is the brains behind Conversations with a Killer and the person most likely to give us another iteration of the series. 

It took him a little over three years to create and release the second season of Conversations with a Killer. Following a similar timeline, we expect the next season of Conversations with a Killer to premiere in 2025 on Netflix.

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes is still trending, however. This synopsis gives a bit of a taster of what to expect from the three one-hour episodes: 

“This three-part documentary also features new interviews with key participants – some of whom have never talked before, including gut-wrenching testimony from one of Gacy’s survivors – all in search of answers to a crucial question: How was a public figure like Gacy able to get away with murder for so long?”

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